Lin Yan at White Rabbit Gallery

We stumbled across White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney’s Inner West a couple of weeks ago and decided to challenge ourselves with a viewing. Just to let you know the art in this gallery is very rarely accessible to the casual audience. Conceptual art is all about the idea and for a lot of people that is just too difficult to be bothered with. I find that I’m ok with little immersions into this genre but hefty dunks leave me yawning with fatigue. Maybe it’s laziness on my part. Maybe it’s the shortened attention span we’ve all developed since scrolling became the ideal pastime. Personally it’s not the latter for me. I just find it overwhelming to try and decipher the artists intention. Honestly it’s pretty much like the challenge of a cryptic crossword.

It was with trepidation we joined the throng of people in the foyer loitering around the ridiculously placed shop (yes right at the entrance). Think Covid, think unmasked, think only having to isolate for seven days after testing positive to Covid. Yes I’m a worry wart but I also detest being ill. So masked up we made our way up the stairs to the installation by Lin Yan. You can’t beat an installation to amuse the ignorant (insert smiley face here). So we entered a maze of dangling strips of white material that led to a viewing area that framed the large crumpled ink stained blobs of paper suspended in the gallery. I immediately thought of diseased lungs and if memory serves me correctly this was the artists intention. We’ve all seen those images of China on tele of masked up citizens protecting themselves from the plumes of pollutants inhabiting their cities. So these monumental paper structures were diseased lungs. And the white material dangling from the ceiling? Well in my opinion that’s the filtered oxygen roaming around the body once the lungs have taken out all the toxins. All one needs is a lung replacement to maintain health and vigour. Or perhaps the white strips are the hope that one day this planet will be pollution free. Personally I think that’s a pipe dream but one can only hope.

So if you get a chance maybe it will be worthwhile ducking in to White Rabbit depending on your opinion on conceptual art. For me it’s worth the challenge even if I’m just creating my own story along the way.

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Art in July


Linda Greedy’s art work shown at Nexus in July.

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Art in July

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It’s been a while…




Click the link below to read more. It’s been ages since I’ve posted so here’s hoping the link works. Anyway this image is by Andrew Finnie. Hope all is well in your creative world.

Andy Goldsworthy.

This latest art book I’ve been reading has been heavy in more ways than one. But it was worth it to find out more about Andy Goldsworthy. For instance I did not know that there was a project in Australia by this world renown artist. Did you? Anyway click the link to read more. Yours […]

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Barbara Nanshe Studio

I became part of the wander society yesterday taking myself for a stroll into Newcastle. It’s certainly worth having a peek. Lots happening but not all good according to those that rely on the buses! Anyway that aside I found Barb Nanshe’s new gallery in The City Arcade and it’s a champ. Hope all is well in your art world. Click the link to read more. Cheers!


Annie Liebovitz — The Housecat Diary

I’ve been looking through the latest Annie Liebovitz book and was immediately drawn to this photograph of Joan Didion taken in 2011. Now I want to read her work. Oh so many books to read. Anyway click the link to read more. Cheers.

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