My (Kerri Smith) solo exhibtion at Truevision Gallery 111 Cowlishaw St Redhead opens today 1.30pm.


3 thoughts on “newie.jpg

    1. Tony & Kerri Smith

      Thanks Leah. My art has a wacky element but this exhibition could be perceived as wackier than normal so it will be interesting this arvo to see how it is received. Kerri


  1. Louie Hahn

    Hello dear Kerri

    Happy Saturday…. great day for a gorgeous exhibition! I’d love to pop in this afternoon and see your beautiful work.

    After what I imagine will be a FULL and fabulous weekend, I’d love to touch base about a workshop in Newcastle that I’m organising and thought you might be interested in (it’s an extraordinary heart/mind/body/business experience!) If you have a sec early next week to give me a call, I can fill you in on the details and you can see if it’s something you’d like to do.

    Looking forward to being in touch and hearing how things are going for you.

    Best wishes your way,

    Louie Hahn m 0431 127 094

    *embrace virtues* production & design *www* *m* 04311 270 94 *e *



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