Printed Matter

Well there’s a little exhibition space in The Emporium that is home to a printmakers exhibition at present. Printed Matter brings together a group who relish the creation of the print. All techniques are represented and knowledge of the process is eagerly shared. Lynne

Therese Gabriel Wilkins engages with her free expressive imagery.

Native flora and fauna are prominent in Robyn Culley’s body of work.

Robyn Culley

Robyn Culley

Amanda Donohue brings the female plight to the fore.

Great swathes of silk are impressed with beautiful imagery by Lynne Briton.

AmandaThis is a short sweet promo because a full review would be compromised due to the inclusion of my work in the exhibition.

Therese Gabriel Wilkins

Therese Gabriel Wilkins

Printed Matter is on exhibit at The Emporium’s Project Space until 29th November. As part of the Renew Newcastle Project a walking tour is being held Thursday 27th November. The space will be open until 8pm. Come by and say hello.


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