In the gallery.

While I’m not going to write a full review I must share with you some exhibitions that are happening about town at the moment.



A suite of collages by the artist Jane Collins.

At Gallery 139 until 20th February is one of my favourites so far this year. Not Just Collage is a colourful creative exhibition that seems to push the artist into new territory. The artist Jane Collins incorporates printmaking into her work and creates splendid domestic vignettes. This group show also includes the works of artists Caelli-Jo Brooker, Kate Burton, Maggie Hall, Barb Nanshe, Giselle Penn and The Strutt Sisters.

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Artist Varelle Hardy’s mixed media art work for the exhibition The Birds.

Over the road at Nanshe Gallery is a group show with birds as subject matter. While there are many interpretations of this perennial favourite it’s great to see a few works incorporating textiles.  The Birds finishes March 5.

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The strange and surreal sculptures by Lynda Gibbins

Not far away at cstudios Gallery there are three exhibitions running concurrently. The sculptor Roger McFarlane exhibits his popular works in his solo exhibition titled “Looking Over My Shoulder”. Rhonda Partridge exhibits landscapes in her solo “Looking Through Trees. And the productive artists Emilie Tseronis, Lynda Gibbins and Melissa Baldwin are showing together in their exhibition titled “On Curious Ground”. The painters Tseronis and Baldwin both extend their art practices by seeking new subject matter. Lynda Gibbins again exhibits her menacing flora. Day of the Triffids springs to mind when I study these glorious works. 6 months ago I reviewed another group show including these three women titled”Water Women”. I admire their strength and work ethic. All of the exhibitions at cstudios conclude 28th February.

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Find  the review of the exhibition “Water Women” here.


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