At Back to Back and some.

It just so happens I walk past Back to Back Gallery regularly on my way to and from The Emporium in Hunter St mall to do my 3 hour stint in there. So I always get to see the latest exhibition happening. And it’s such a lovely light filled gallery so it’s always a pleasure to visit. At the moment there is a Honours student from the Newcastle University exhibiting her 3rd year work. It’s such a quirky show full of strange objects covered in her abstracted drawings. Pulling The Wool by artist Maddyson Hatton is at Back to Back until Sunday the 20th March.

I also called in at NAS to see their latest exhibitions. I was rather impressed with the work of Neal Booth. His exhibition titled “Works of a Recluse” revealed rather textural and powerful abstracts. Vasant Rao in the adjoining gallery is showing colourful mixed media images. Both exhibitions close Sunday 20th March.


A sneak peek in the Bakehouse Gallery Patonga.

On a drive to the Central Coast last weekend I came across a cute gallery called Patonga Bakehouse Gallery. It seems it’s only open on Sundays but regardless I missed out. However I sneaked a peek through the window anyway. There were some great little paintings in there and some I would have liked to have kept but oh well I saved my pennies this time. Oh but there is so much talent in this arty world!


Chiz Turnross’s birds at Curve.

Also some exhibitions in the past month that I should have written about but just didn’t get there. At Curve Gallery the first exhibition of the year was a good one featuring a number of local artists. I particularly liked paintings by the not so local artist Chiz Turnross from the UK. His birds were so wonderfully painted with a carefree spirit. I also saw Paris/Hunter at Lake Mac Gallery and of course was drawn to James Drinkwater’s abstracts. He’s a favourite of mine (sorry I seem to have a few but I do love art) although the friend I went with didn’t quite share my opinion. And I get that. It’s all so subjective and I know I tend to go for art that is free and loose and not so uptight. I also loved the drawings by Claire Martin of statues in a Paris park. So delicate and well drawn. Both of the above exhibitions finished yesterday.


Kate Zeritis at NANA


Artist Madeleine Cruise at NANA 

Finally I’d like to mention a space that for a while now has shown some great art with little fanfare. NANA Contemporary Art began its life in The Emporium then took over the windows of the old DJs building. The last two exhibitions there showed art that should have been better publicised but alas… In January Kate Zeritis displayed her collection of ceramic pieces and some expressive charcoal drawings. And until March Madeleine Cruise showed her wonderful and surreal soft sculptures and paintings. I have heard that is it for the windows unfortunately because it was a pleasure to walk past and see what was new. Often the display was every bit as good as work in the galleries about town.

Till next time…





6 thoughts on “At Back to Back and some.

    1. kerrismithartist Post author

      Hi David. Glad you are feeling energised. It’s just a shame I didn’t add the photos of the art before I published. If you’re interested the photos will be with the article on the home page. Cheers Kerri


  1. Clare Felton

    Good to come across a review again from you by chance Kerrie. Hope all is well with you and yours! Did you know a group of seven painters being tutored by John Morris have a show at Forsight Gallery at present, the first there for quite some time. It’s called “Monday” and was reviewed by John Barnes in the Newcastle Herald last Saturday, but if you’re in the vicinity you might be interested to take a peek. As I’m one of the seven, it’s of particular interest to me! All the best, Clare Felton

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kerrismithartist Post author

      Hi Clare. Good to hear from you and so glad you’re out there doing your thing in the art world. I’m going to get to your exhibition on Friday. And I’m looking forward to it. Hope all is well. Kerri



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