The Newcastle Prize.

Hmmm! Well this was an interesting one. Perhaps they should have been a little more honest and called it Newcastle’s All Star Art Prize. Because on the whole you were not going to get picked unless you had a major prize to your name or had exhibited in a major gallery and therefore are a relatively safe bet for those that are going to participate in the art auction at the Newcastle club. Having said that I agree on the most part with the judges. A few hoary ones with a rather large name attached were given the thumbs up but as I’ve said before, it’s only one woman’s opinion. Anyway here’s my choice.


The winner according to me. Love it love it love it. I’d buy it if I could and it wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. But the important bit is it is by the artist Lottie Consalvo. Titled: I’ve found where I belong. This was chosen as one of the finalists.


The colour palette, the abstracted shapes and the texture all work so well. Each portion of the painting could be an artwork in itself. The artist is Paul Maher. Title: Retreat and sortie. This was not chosen as a finalist. 


Perfectly painted, perfectly composed and perfectly hilarious. This painting by Dallas Bray demonstrates the reason why this artist has won the Kilgour twice. Title: Top o’ the hill. Hilarious because more than likely it will end up being housed on top of The Hill. This was chosen as a finalist.

Be quick to check it out. There’s some quality paintings for sale that didn’t make the finals at Newcastle Art Space. Finishes tomorrow 6th November..



10 thoughts on “The Newcastle Prize.

  1. Anonymous

    Yes I agree! All stars …yawn… having said that I can’t stop thinking about Deano Consalvos work on Catherine hill bay. The composition was fantastic.


  2. Trevor Weekes

    I was one of the preliminary judges and I think it is important to know that we (TWO) did not know the artists even though it is not hard with particular strong styles. We did not always agree but were limited by a predetermined number of artists who went through to the next round. I know prizes are important but don’t let them guide your artistic pursuits or endeavours. Do art because you want to. Everyone has a different opinion and I say when I judge art prizes on any other day the outcome would be different. I do art because I have to. It is my life and has been for fifty years. The artworld is something completely different from practice. There are brilliant artists out there and they don’t get the attention they deserve but these days the art scene has changed perhaps forever so to get your work out there we have to think differently. Not just prizes or galleries. Newcastle has a strong art scene and camaraderie does help. NAS is a fantastic venue for artists and hopefully a new venue will blossom and be a place to show just how good all artists are.


    1. The Housecat Diary Post author

      Thanks for your response Trevor. Most definitely there are other and many ways to work as an artist that does not involve prizes and galleries. I believe galleries are slowly becoming a way of the past and creatively exploring other avenues to showcase art such as Renew Newcastle, art markets, social media etc may be the alternate way. I guess the art prizes create the illusion of discovery that so many artists aspire to and I feel the Newcastle prize perhaps held a subtext that was not transparent for many of the Novocastrian artists that entered. Although it was believed to be a community event in reality it became exclusive. And I believe most of the artists probably don’t mind. They get hung and they get seen. Perhaps what more can they ask. I also thought I should clarify that I didn’t enter the competition and for many years have not had the desire to go down that track. I too hope NAS can find a future venue and carry on the tradition of nurturing Newcastle’s art talent.


  3. Anon

    Having entered the competition and not even made it to the list for judging was very disappointing. Having seen the exhibition I saw that not everyone of the selections were following the theme and not all well executed. There were some very creative entries by some of my favourite artists. There were also some beautiful and evocative paintings that did not make the short list and would have been better options.



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