A few exhibitions and icons.

A few exhibitions and icons.

Last weekend Curve Gallery opened for the first time this year with the work of the icon of Newcastle art, Michael Bell. With obelisks and dogs and cockatoos in flight, all painted in bright chunky oil on aluminium and board, this is an exhibition well worth the drive in town. There is so much vitality and fun in these works and I’d get in there quick if you’re keen to snap one up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many red dots. Michael Bell: Double Vision finishes March 25th.

Michael Bell.

Over the road at The Lock-Up many of Shaun Gladwell’s video installations are on display. Recently I saw Interceptor Surf Sequence at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney not realising this is presently exhibited in Newcastle.This is a must for anyone interested in his work. Having the luxury of seeing this Australian icon’s work in a peaceful environment is perfect. Control finishes March 12th so that’s this weekend. Best be quick.

I also was able to catch Objects of Desire at Gallery 139 Hamilton. What a pretty show full of colour and, well, objects. Primarily paintings, with the plinths scattered about the gallery brimming with the tactile resin vases of Ritual Object, this is an exhibition that highlights the individual techniques and visual sensibilities of the artist. I was finally able to meet an Instagram buddy Daniela Glassop who paints in vivacious colours vases and birds and flowers. It’s a great exhibition that deserves more red dots. Finishes March 12th as well.


Anyway happy art watching and have a wonderful day. Cheers Kerri.




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