My art reviews are really just a ramble both verbally and quite often physically. I love a walk no matter which city or town and if I can find a gallery to peruse at the same time, well, that’s even better. I don’t have a huge audience but that’s never stopped me. In reality my writing helps me clarify in my own mind the art I love. And eventually I’m hoping that will make me an astute collector.

All art reviews no matter the education of the individual are subjective. What one person enjoys and reacts to another will despise.  And that’s how it’s meant to be. I’m not here to influence. I’ll leave that to other characters out there that are more qualified than me.  Helping my fellow artists promote themselves is my objective and hopefully one day someone who would never enter a gallery might be enticed by my writing.

So here’s to another year in art. Watch this page to see art that appeals to me pop up.


The Layman Reviewer.