40 Years of the Newcastle Printmakers.

Located in Adamstown the printmakers workshop is a small cottage with a cheery atmosphere, welcoming and most importantly fully equipped with all the gear required for the printmaking process. Since 1979 it’s housed a vibrant collective of people who support one another and share their expertise readily. Over the years they’ve exhibited, collaborated and evolved and this year they’re celebrating.

I’ve been a member for a number of years now enjoying the facilities when time allows. I dabble in linocut, probably the most basic of the printmaking processes, but there’s so much scope for exploration within that one technique. Absorbing knowledge from the members is a bonus of belonging but truly the classes at the workshop are a great way to garner new skills and introduce yourself to the facilities. Recently I booked myself into a screen printing workshop and it was not only inspiring but fun. For most of us that’s what creating is about and for 40 years that’s what the workshop has encouraged.

To mark the occasion the workshop is exhibiting 40 works created by 40 past and present members. Using the years 1979 to 2019 each participant has been given a year in which to be inspired. Whether it’s global, local or personal the subject matter is entirely up to the artist but must reflect a circumstance of that year.

40 years is a milestone for any group and quite possibly a rarity in this fast paced world. With an exhibition titled 40/40 to mark the occasion the printmakers of Newcastle are showing the digitally dependant world that making images with one of the many printmaking processes is still a beautiful and peaceful way to explore the creative process.

The exhibition will be held at Art Systems Wickham from 8-17 November 2019.