Andy Goldsworthy.

This latest art book I’ve been reading has been heavy in more ways than one. But it was worth it to find out more about Andy Goldsworthy. For instance I did not know that there was a project in Australia by this world renown artist. Did you? Anyway click the link to read more. Yours […]

via Andy Goldsworthy — The Housecat Diary

2 thoughts on “Andy Goldsworthy.

  1. wingedwoman2014

    Hi lovely I have known of him for sometime he is incredible and did not know though he had done a work in Australia woo hoo thanks for the information and it is great. Hope you going well with your artistic endeavours .Therese

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    1. The Housecat Diary Post author

      Hi Therese. I was astounded and glad that we have an Andy Goldsworthy right here in Australia. I’m looking forward to seeing it some day. Hope your art endeavours are going well also. ❤️🐱



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