Amongst The Deep

Amongst The Deep

Artist: Joanna O’Toole

Exhibiting at ASW Nov 23- Dec9

Joanna O’Toole is a graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Fine Art, the recipient of the 2012 Ford Scholarship and previous winner of the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize. Her exhibition at Art Systems Wickham, until December 9th, is a continuum of the success she has created about herself thus far.

This exhibtion of wall assemblages, sculpture and mixed media images references the ocean.The abstracted view offers scope for interpretation.

Sculptural assemblages sensualise the masculine elements, defying the rigidity and ruggedness of the Australian environment.  Crucial to the supremacy of the innate power of the sea is the physicality of the materials used in these sculptures. The seas constant performance is captured intuitively in the infinite arcing and twisting of timber. Abstracted reference to the ocean is caught with rational ease in these skilfully constructed pieces.

Captivating, are the canvases layered with depth and allusion continuing the theme of movement and emphasis. With alacrity, a vision of poignant defiance mimics. It’s a reminder of the detritus the ocean makes pretence of absorbing, a devastating impact of global importance.

O’Toole’s ability to raise the viewer beyond the superficial, however at the same time allowing appreciation of the freedom with which marks are made, testifies to the capability of this artist.

This exhibition is worthy of close attention.

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