Andre Joanisse

Storm ImpactAndre Joanisse

Nature Photographer

Exhibition until 31st Dec 2012

Andre Joanisse is a photographer drawing inspiration from the natural environment. Bound by an initiative to place sublime acuity within each image, the photographer imbibes the viewer with a sense of empathy and admiration. In this exhibition a collection of images of the animal in the environment exists alongside the man-made interrupting the landscape.

An image of singular importance is Making a Mark. Offering an abstracted vision, this piece delights in its ability to waft evasively, conjuring obscure ideas of fancy. Its etched quality and muted, passive hues provide evidence of the beauty and artistic quality of the environment.

In Storm Impact the tension existing between the structural quality of the ship and the prominent bloated cloud is a schism only lessened by the peaceful calm of the ocean. The adept reality of the ominous storm is strikingly managed in the moody black and white photography.

Dramatic in their sense of harmony are the photos encompassing the animal in the wild. The harmony exists in the homogeneity occurring without disruption, and without knowledge of the destruction that is omnipresent. With species being threatened with extinction it is a pertinent reminder of what is at stake. Playful penguins and meandering bears inhabit, hopefully, without interruption.

Andre Joanisse is a recipient of the APPA (Australian Professional Photography Award). These photographs are evidence as to why he has been successful in these pursuits.


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