menage a quatre

menage a quatre at The John Paynter Gallery Nov 16th-Dec 2nd 2012

Features artists: Robert Birch, Sieglinde Battley, Jennifer Finnie and Andrew Finnie.

This exquisite exhibition appeals with its wisps of tension circulating between each of these four established and competent artists. On first entering the gallery it is the colour that arrests but on closer inspection it is the assiduous nature of the application of paint that delights . Each of these artists is interested in their own singular palette  which is a defining characteristic of the exhibition.

Jennifer Finnie creates images of landscapes with stunning vitality and gesture using acrylic paint. The appeal lies in her ability to push the paint with minimal strokes to render a composition with an individual, nonchalant exuberance. A beauty is No. 7 The Butcher Bird.

Robert Birch arrests the viewer with his painted mosaics. The pulsing colour of his patterned canvases attest to the quality, this one time teacher of the Newcastle Tafe Art School, emits. It’s a strange combination of ethereal and romance that keeps the viewer lingering.

Sieglinde Battley produces little “intrigues”. Each small canvas is awash with story and guise. These vivid paintings with their rich scent of vivaciousness invite creative license among viewers.

Andrew Finnie, a member of The 7 Painters, produces vibrant still life and images of Newcastle’s streets. His attention to paint application is considered although simultaneously bold. Colours are strengthened by their rich juxtaposition and the ephemeral nature of atmosphere. One can almost feel the situation in the streetscapes, the beauty and power of our own immortality.

This is an exhibition that will have both the artist and the layman besotted. And with gift giving just around the corner why not encourage beauty. With many pieces under $500 this exhibition is affordable.

Andrew Finnie
Still life at Carrington
30 x 30cm
Acrylic on canvas


5 thoughts on “menage a quatre

  1. andrewfinnie

    Hey, thank you so much Kerri! That is very very kind of you! And I must say I agree with everything you say But seriously, what a great site you are are building here! I am glad I found it. ! If you would like images of our show please let me know!


    1. kerrismithartist Post author

      Would love to put some images on here. Should have told you my name yesterday but apologies. I am really trying to put it out there that there are great artists in Newcastle with affordable art. Red dots should abound.



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