Seven Hands

Seven Hands, Back to Back Galleries 57 Bull St Cooks Hill 2300

Artists: Laura Taylor, Marleene Ydhag, Julie Taylor, Carolyn Peddie

A colourful exhibition with plenty of affordable art works. Laura and Marleene are graduates from Newcastle Tafe art school where their talents have been allowed to flourish. Laura’s work shows great empathy for the human spirit while Marleene’s are little insights into a bright, curious nature.

The ceramicists have many little curiosities ( and very cheap). See below a brooch made by Julie Taylor, with elements from the Periodic Table. A must for budding chemistry grads.

This is a quirky exhibition and I can see the artworks nestled amongst a strong aroma of tea with a curled cat on the lap and a vista of green leaves trembling in the breeze on the little verandah of your loved abode. The bohemian in us will love it. But maybe not the Audi driver. Make sure you get there before Nov 11 to pick up some lively art for your walls.

2 thoughts on “Seven Hands

  1. Julie Taylor

    Hey Kerri, saw your article in today’s paper, found your review, thanks so much! have shared with all the girls, & love what you have done with the brooch! Julie 🙂


    1. kerrismithartist Post author

      No worries Julie. It was a beautiful exhibition. And again I’m just trying to get word out there about the great artists in Newcastle. My daughter is modelling the brooch. It does look pretty worn this way. And she studies chem.



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