Volume Three

Photographs and Prints by Diploma of Fine Art students


Nothing pedestrian about this exhibition. It screams the J’s, youth I’m sayin’ and cutting edge punky pixie. It’s snappy, pert and possible. Possible cos this is the future of art. And these students are meant to be here.

Printmakers take it to a realm of pulpy dialogue with witty images alongside punchy puns by Sarah Stein aka P.Numbra. Woodblocks of gritty wenches by Ellie Kaufmann that scream “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. Damn Bitch. WooHoo!!!” are explosive.

But wait there’s more!!! Photography damn blast. Tara Keher shoots atmospheric, haunting images of landscapes. The touch of blur is a stunning attention harnessing element. But keep looking close. “There’s bubbles in that thar picture“. It’s abstraction achieved with a box brownie. Clever girl!!! On a more serious note are the photographs by Elly Lam. She will have you wondering about the querulous human that devastates the environment to an annhilating extent. It’s a sad state of affairs that all too frequently is ignored. Maybe we’ll cut it lucky and NASA will find our twin before we self-destruct.

This exhibition finishes Friday 16th Nov. But Audi drivers beware. Your homes might be a bit too spit ‘n polish for this.

Car from Outta space
Print by Ellie Kauffman

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