3 Dimensions.

Artists: Peter Lewis, Dave McBride, Josh McGregor.

At Newcastle Art Space until 27th July.

Exhibiting 3 artists with a similar tendency for the bizarre works a treat at Newcastle Art Space. A fantastic mash up of surreal imaginings meanders about the walls with brave magnificence and sumptuous use of materials.

Josh McGregor

Josh McGregor

Allowing a glimpse into his creative soul, Peter Lewis shares his penchant for whimsical doodling creating meticulous drawings with ink.

Josh McGregor plunges scissors sadistically into flesh. An ambiguous meaning is dwarfed by the painting skill and attention to detail. A technique of lush vibrant oils painted with exquisite realism is striking in its rarity.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Addressing seasonal mood with chunky surface texture, David McBride displays an affinity with paint and brush. Autumn Approaches captures symbolic imagery with appealing intuition suggesting a series of unique art works within this one piece.

David McBride

David McBride

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