a needle pulling thread

Artist: John Parkes

Exhibition: a needle pulling thread

At Timeless Textiles until April 14th.

It is rare to discover brilliance in discarded objects and items that are labelled refuse. With wisdom and inventive skill John Parkes transforms these rejects into display pieces worthy of contemplation.

Fabric, cast off and deemed useless is given new meaning. Sourced from thrift shops, the fabric Parkes works with are seduced into another realm via natural and synthetic dyes, thread and layering. The contemplative technique of sewing by hand thousands of delicate stitches delves into the subconscious and queries the notion of time.

Eddying deep beneath the surface of these extraordinary pieces is emotional greatness, astonishing wisdom. The anachronistic view of time and purpose in an era when reflection and renewal are mocked further raises the individual pursuit of memory and solitude found in the artwork of Parkes as profound.

 a needle pulling thread…can be viewed at Timeless Textiles until April 14th. Parkes is artist in residence Friday April 12th from 10 am – 2 pm.

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