An Acquired Perspective II “Thru our Eyes”

Artists: Showcasing the talents of artists with an acquired brain injury.

On at Newcastle Art Space until April 21st.

It’s humbling to see the scope of art work on display as part of the Headstart exhibition on at NAS until 21st April. Photography, mosaic, painting and sculpture unleash a creativity flourishing in adversity. All the exhibitors have experienced a trauma that has left them with an acquired brain injury and it is overwhelming to read the accompanying writing by each of the artists’ describing their accident. It is acknowledged that art has helped them experience comfort in the form of socialisation as well as the freedom to express themselves.

Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson

There is much to be gained from this exhibition and it would not be fair to single any one person out. Each piece delves into the soul of the individual and leaves one pondering the old 16th century expression, “There but for the grace of god, go I.”

Colin Read

Colin Read

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