Beverley Leggett Simmons

Exhibition at Truevision Gallery until mid June.

A serene dialogue exists connecting the emotive language of the ocean and the practiced skill of the artist at Truevision Gallery until mid June. Beverley Leggett Simmons has a flair for mixing media, layering torn paper and acrylic paint to achieve striking effects.

Redhead from the Beach.

Redhead from the Beach.

Skies above Redhead beach are broody capturing drama and intrigue. Stabbing through this dense atmosphere beams the sun reflecting genially from a perfect blue ocean.

When the Sea Meets Rocks.

When the Sea Meets Rocks.





Using crumbled tissue paper as a base, “When the Sea Meets Rocks” builds on the artists preferred technique of mixed media layering. This painting successfully acknowledges the frightening power of the sea with a visual explosion of whitewash.

Leggett Simmons empathy with the ocean is apparent in this exhibition. Capturing the enigma of the elements has proven to be a trustworthy muse. An experienced exhibitor in Newcastle, it is a welcome chance for her to touch the imagination of new viewers at this most appreciated space in Redhead.

Truevision Gallery is located at 111 Cowlishaw St Redhead. The gallery is open Wed-Fri 10am til 2pm.

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