Birds of Paradise

Artist: Nick Warfield

Birds of paradise.

At Inner City Winemakers 12th of July until 18th of August.

Nick Warfield has raided grandma’s kitchen to piece together some utterly brilliant punky sculptures.  An improbable combination of rejected utensils and junk raises the bar on waste as art. Clattering curios loop and tangle to form a feast of bizarre beasts.

NickWImperfections, dents and patinas capture the ragged rustic harmony of unhurried ease with anodised aluminium offering comfort food to the nostalgic. Sapphires and candy reds shimmer and pop gaining volume and perspective against metallic curves.

Rugged and hardy, these dense configurations of manipulated metal take on materialism, offering a concept that yields quirky assemblages having character and soul, features negligible in the conglomerate of mass produced stuff out there.NickW2

Birds of paradise by Nick Warfield is on at Inner City Winemakers 28 Church Street Wickham until August 18th.

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