blue chair

Artist: Jill Orr

At Forsight Gallery until December 8.



Creating a floral artwork can be standard and safe. Widely adored and guaranteed not to offend, this genre can easily slip into ho-hum territory. But when an artist breaks conventions manipulating mediums to emit light and radiance with graceful simplicity, there is talent at work.

Paris Gardens in May.

Paris Gardens in May.

Jill Orr disperses an abundance of brilliantly coloured petals possessing powerful juxtapositions at Forsight Gallery. Sumptuous excess abounds with dazzling hues evident and celebrated. An abstract element seeps into her recent work with blocks of solid colour visible between stems. The flattening of form generates paths allowing the eye to wander freely about the picture plane. This characteristic works exceptionally well with the acrylic pieces.

Also tactile and rich in texture and movement is the work titled “Calypso”. Striking in its sheer abstract application of medium this work with its raw brush marks brings together distinct imagery alongside gnarled shape.



Combining painterly prowess with crowd-pleasability is a characteristic this exhibition owns.  Blue Chair is on exhibit at Forsight Gallery until December 8. Forsight Gallery is located at 33 Union St Cooks Hill and is open 11-4 Friday –Sunday.

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