Carole Elliott and Amanda Sheldon

Artists: Carole Elliott and Amanda Sheldon

On exhibit at Inner City Winemakers until 31st March.

At Inner City Winemakers until 31st March artists Carole Elliott and Amanda Sheldon exhibit their art work to a professional standard. Both artists show a connection with nature each offering a different glimpse into how individual visions and differing mediums can produce unique results.

Carole Elliott

Carole Elliott

With dedicated attention to detail, pastel artist Elliott exhibits superb works of local beach scenes. Sharp, crisp colour mimics Newcastle’s coast flawlessly. Depth and clarity of the ocean is described in perfect nuances making apparent its transparency.A stunning image of Newcastle Beach glows with energy and invites teasingly.

Amanda Sheldon

Amanda Sheldon

Sheldon shows watercolours of landscapes and native plants with remarkable liveliness. This first time exhibitor successfully delves into the peculiarities of this medium and pushes the limits with ease. A rural landscape is made poignant when the layered depths beneath a snug home are impacted upon by a coal mine. The nearness of the mine to the homestead reminds of the impact mining has on communities and waterways.

Each artist is accomplished in their respective mediums and this exhibition displays these strengths. Certainly an exquisite backdrop for wine tasting.

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