Changing Horizons

PAINTERS INK ARTISTS *Stephanie Berick * Jill Campbell * Bev Leggett Simmons * Shelagh Lummis * Penny Warner-Smith
CERAMIC ARTISTS *Susan Myerson * Sharon Taylor * Delilah Van Wyk

Until July 7th at Back to Back Galleries.

Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

Nature holds an appeal that captivates the imagination inducing many artists to convey a singular vision the audience can respond to. This in turn offers a glimpse into thoughts and values associated with the conceptual base of the art work. Delving into this genre and embracing assorted techniques and materials is a small group of artists known as The Painters Ink.

Penny Warner-Smith

Penny Warner-Smith

Three ceramic artists are also exhibiting with this group and assist in consolidating an eclectic mix of uninhibited art. Revealing clusters of work follow the development of each artist. Rich textures and freedom to experiment with materials is the core strength of the collection.

Shelagh Lummis

Shelagh Lummis





Exhibiting with peers offers a supportive environment and in this show a confident diversity ringing with lyrical ease is demonstrated. Changing Horizons is the annual show for The Painters Ink and runs until July 7th at Back to Back Galleries, 57 Bull St, Cooks Hills. Opening hours are Fri-Sun 11-5.

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