Curve Collection

Curve Collection

Artists: Shan – Turner Carroll, Luke Beezley, Paul Maher, Elizabeth Willow, Colette Whittington, Lisa Who, Pauline Hughes, Amanda Oliphant, Anne Beare, Geraldine Searles and Marlise Pekarek.

At Curve Gallery until 27th March.

There’s a hell of a lot of glorious taffy to sink your teeth into at Curve Gallery until the 27th March. Sourced from local and international contemporary artists, this illuminating exhibition depicts anti-art incorporating chance and nonsense as well as deliberate, structured pieces. Each of the small enclaves in the gallery houses a rich, often humorous portrayal of the subconscious musings of the artist as an individual.

Colette Whittington

Colette Whittington

Take UK artist Colette Whittington.  Flushed with a tender yet formidable presence her works on paper, incorporating collage, paint and drawing are a reflection of the subliminal. Seeming to indicate strength and endurance of the human body on one level, a quiet instinct draws at the notion that perhaps the Dadaesque style simply states the obvious. No analysis please! Be swept up in the pure pleasure of witnessing loose pencil work and astonishing play with paper cut-outs.

And there’s something cute and creepy about sculptures from Aussie based artist Luke Beezley. Using timber, resin and coal, he builds funky structures reminding the viewer of Australian values with monikers such as “Passion for idleness” and “Post-modern dribble”.  The shrug-your-shoulders attitude he manifests in his work defies the strength of meaning layered in these structures. It pops with political spin and the dry humour questions assumed knowledge.

Luke Beezley

Luke Beezley

Displaying intricate pen work in detailed drawings of the built environment, UK artist Amanda Oliphant creates fine detail gently allowing the drawing to hover lightly on the surface. These fastidious drawings are masterfully woven with intrigue and isolation. Solitude in the urban area is emphasised with emptiness. Negative space informs the work.

There is so much more happening in this exhibition. Shan Turner-Carroll offers twitchy tribal photographs freaky in their sophisticated strength. Swiss artist Marlies Pekarek colludes with Australian artist Geraldine Searles to make considered dialogue. Lisa Who screen prints on coloured card with symbol and motif.

This exhibition will hook with its pepped up vibe. Experience this stubbly-grunge space to find what’s happening in the art world over yonder without the jet lag. Awesome!!!

Shan-Turner Carroll

Shan-Turner Carroll

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