Dear Barry

Dear Barry at Newcastle Art Space until 10th March

Vicki Gerritsen

Vicki Gerritsen

Recent graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Fine Art have brought together an eclectic tableau of work that punches with enthusiasm and skill. Dear Barry draws on the current climate, namely state government funding cuts to education; however the work exhibited clearly is not political.

The essence of the show demonstrates abilities that have evolved through persistent and dedicated devotion to an area in society that is vulnerable and belittled. Art may not directly contribute to the economy, however once discovered the artist knows a way of life has settled into their hearts that beats the daily commute to thankless participation in the dullard economy.

In Dear Barry the artist as individual recedes allowing the work to speak independently. A gathering vitality results. Australian fauna projects idiosyncratic behaviour. Printmaking displays funky karma. Photography leers with kinetic energy.

Maureen Bonomini

Maureen Bonomini

A wise collection of sophisticated ideas unites a talented group that would surely be advantaged by continuing this collaboration in future.

Maureen Bonomini, Vicki Gerriston, Thomas Hadland, Jacquie McCoy, Heather Morris-Pryor and Kate Wilson. Excellent teamwork! Superb exhibition!

Heather Morris-Pryor

Heather Morris-Pryor

Soundtrack recommended accompanying this exhibition…  a squelchy ditty by Spiderbait

And just sayin’, the horses etc in the clip are completely irrelevant.

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