Debra Byrnes

Artist: Debra Byrnes

Exhibiting at Shopfront Gallery January 2013

Images courtesy the artist and Shopfront Gallery.

For the month of January Debra Byrnes, an accomplished local artist is exhibiting at the Shopfront Gallery. Her trio of works are indicative of the strength of composition and expansive ability in varied fine art mediums.

Striking is a spindle woven in jute. The meandering lengths of natural fibre are taut against the solid structure of metal. This fanciful sculpture invites further participation by leading the eye to rest fleetingly on a cube the basis of such fine whimsical motives and symbols. This delicate line work is in contrast to the bold forthright brush strokes in the oil painting. The vigour with which the paint is applied suggests a force or power hidden in the layers.  It is a pleasure to witness the robust competence in this painting.

Byrnes has linked the three pieces with strong representation of line and mythology. Part of the joy of viewing artwork is the story that is suggested and this is one of fairytale proportions involving spindles and terrifying woodlands, the beauty with which holds the viewer spellbound.

Deb_4The trio of artworks is on exhibit at the Shopfront Gallery until February 4th.Deb_6Deb_2

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