Woof Woof

Shelley Cornish

Shelley Cornish

Dogs make for a perfect muse. Frolicking or contemplating, they offer a timeless insight into raw emotions. Always an original character, artists may capture the subtleties and undercurrents bounding through these animals.

Sherrel Oakey

Sherrel Oakey

Romping about the walls of Truevision Gallery is an exercise in the dynamics of the humble canine. Snappy colours combined with painterly wit promise a grunged-up expressive experience. Buoyant and hyped, the pieces in this exhibition show a diversity in the way in which dogs are incorporated into the art work. Hyped and boozy or yawning with apathy the chilled out vibe of this original art employs metaphor and image.

Kerri Smith

Kerri Smith

The Dog Show will open at Truevision Gallery 31st August at 12pm and will run all September. The gallery is located at 111 Cowlishaw St Redhead. Opening times are Wed- Fri 10am- 2pm.

2 thoughts on “Woof Woof

  1. Mitchell

    Hi Kerri. Your dog series is brilliant: so wild, so free and so strong. The style is akin to the freedom of imagery, and playfulness with media, that Albert Tucker showed in his “Images of Modern Evil” series – and one day your series may be revered as much. Well Done Maestro (or, Maestra?)



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