Finite Gallery 1

Leslie Duffin’s gallery at Caves Beach is a haven for fine art. Sourced from established and emerging artists, it provides a welcome addition to galleries about the lake. The rotation of works guarantees new pieces frequently.

Leslie Duffin

Leslie Duffin

Ken O'Regan

Ken O’Regan

At present new work from Duffin is a highlight. The beauty of the local environment is pertinent. Wispy clouds on the horizon in her work “Winter Afternoon at Caves Beach” mimic the serene blue of the ocean lapping gently on the shore.

A collection of work detailing the impact of our engineering requirements on the landscape is also a new addition. Recently exhibited at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery this concept from artist Ken O’Regan takes tranquil yet unexciting prints sourced from op shops and transports them to the industrialised world. Roads meander oddly through trees while contemporary architecture appears incongruous and alien in the environment. Provoking thought is testament to a well-researched body of work.

Lisa Pollard

Lisa Pollard

Lisa Pollard paints divine opaque abstracts with vivacious brushstrokes. The muted colours layer and twist with glimpses of underpainting apparent. There is lush ease in the application.

Opening hours for Finite Gallery, 55 Caves Beach Rd, Caves Beach are Saturday –Sunday 11-4.

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