Flights of Discovery

Flights of Discovery

Artist: Nicola Henley

On exhibit at Timeless Textiles until 17th March 

Offering strong works of art at Timeless Textiles until 17th March is Irish artist Nicola Henley. Birds in gentle and elusive flight linger blithely on cotton calico, enriched by subtle machine stitching blending thread and dye.

Cuckoos in Spring

Cuckoos in Spring

The work captures an alarming sense of the spontaneity and capriciousness manifested in the initial drawings displayed in her sketch books. Delicately transferred to the calico, the many layered process does not reduce the early vision.

Line and embroidery emphasize shape providing a distilled edge. Cuckoos in Spring, echoes shadowed glimpses of birds embedded in pigment, the images haunting in their mimicking motion.

Alongside these commanding pieces are subtle drawings incorporating sketch and collage. Created to examine colour and composition the result is a series of masterful drawings demonstrating the artist’s ability to expose the fragility of the natural environment.

The multiple techniques of screen print, textile art and painting achieve visual impressions remarkable in their poignancy. Empathy for the environment is the dramatic result.Nicola Henley

Photographs courtesy of Timeless Textiles and artist Nicola Henley

Nicola Henley

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