The painting students from the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts are proving to be a tenacious bunch willing to go forth and extend their fine art capabilities regardless of the education cuts. “Fresh” is an exhibition displaying a myriad of techniques and developing concepts.

A series of 6 small works by Melody Greatorex capture painterly visages in vibrant colours. Kelsey Fletcher brushes on flat tracks of colour layering deep contrasts to describe horses in an abstract sense.

Ashlee Bucholtz A picnic in the park.

Ashlee Bucholtz
A picnic in the park.

A picnic in the park identifies strange visual components with astounding effect. Ashlee Bucholtz delivers an exhilarating reference to a microscopic realm. The carnage created by human indifference is expressed with a labyrinth of line and shape successfully reiterated by the unusual perspective.

Melissa Baldwin Hilltop II

Melissa Baldwin
Hilltop II




With sweeping brushstrokes Mel Baldwin uses a limited palette to define the urban environment. A melancholy atmosphere deserted and silent is the result. There’s a sense of alienation and loneliness attached to these gentle and peaceful paintings.

The TAFE continues to deliver art work with a fresh experimental edge. “Fresh” can be seen until May 3rd at the Upstairs Gallery, 590-608 Hunter St Newcastle. Open 9-4 Mon-Fri.

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