Gwendolin Lewis

The John Hunter Hospital is not the venue one associates with art. However an initiative conceived in recent years has allowed the walls in some areas to be adorned with colour and creativity. At present Gwendolin Lewis, winner of the 2012 Port Stephens Marine Prize is showing a grand display of Newcastle water scenes.GLewissmall

Wispy reflections of the industrial harbour mingle with feathery washes, the foreground to hectic economy. Slashes of red, turbulent and energetic, possess vibrancy against hazy skies. Tugs are dwarfed as they scramble relentlessly to aid in the dismissal of the floating dock.

Mirrored in ultramarine pools are plaintive skies echoing with bleak wintery derision. Dudley beach lies abandoned and resolute while the inexorable tide batters and pounds rhythmically. Sweeping brush strokes define horizon and ocean building taut coastal planes.glewis2

Lewis displays strong drawing capabilities constantly in this exhibition. Her detailed observations of Newcastle’s waterways provide intriguing views into historic events. The exhibition at The John Hunter Hospital Arts for Health Galleries runs until the end of July.

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