Artist: Malcolm Berry

The final exhibition by Malcolm Berry: A retrospective show of paintings and drawings from 2001 to 2013.

At ASW until June 23rd.

With admirable resolve Malcolm Berry is ending his 12 year career as an artist to contemplate the spiritual side of life. Bursting forth with a last hurrah at Art Systems Wickham (ASW) is his retrospective of work dating back to 2001.

MB2Described with line and colour, imagined wanderings in wooded enclaves define this body of work. Chunky slabs of oil are pushed across the canvas in short amped up flicks. Mimicking the rich abundance of autumn leaves, golden ochre and orange are embedded within stout contrasting hues.

# One, 2007

# One, 2007

Columns of colossal trees reach to a mysterious canopy occupying space apart from the art work. Subterfuge is apparent as the hidden depths of the bountiful forest play willingly between line and contour.

Berry represents the harsh beauty of the natural landscape in this exhibition with glorious colour and intrigue. “Highlights” the final exhibition of Berry’s work will run at ASW until June 23rd. ASW is located at 40 Annie St Wickham and is open Fri-Sun 12-4pm.

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