Artist: Ben Kenning

Until Sunday 26th May.

Strangely descriptive with emotive energy, the art of Infusion by Ben Kenning relies on a detailed observation of an inner realm. Hoarding masses stacked profusely visually surprise with recognisable chaos.BenK

Equally appealing is the quality of application. There is no gentle dreariness.  Mark and line interweave in a fantastic display of planned excitement. The awareness of intent is evident and deliberate chunky smudges of paint pop.benK1a

A testosterone cacophony of scratches stains and distortions breaks the boundaries and realises instinctual purpose. Littered and stretched mediums speak of transgression slipping with ease into shrubby bursting lakes of rave.


1 thought on “Interfusion

  1. smythdylan

    Was a big fan. tried to buy some of Bens work but unfortunately was beaten to it. Look forward to seeing more



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