Lake Edge

Artists: Richard Morris and Aaron Bellette.

On exhibition at ASW until August 25th.

A compendium of refined assemblages and superb photography grace the walls of Art Systems Wickham. Lake Edge showcases the strengths of two local artists, Richard Morris and Aaron Bellette.

Richard Morris

Richard Morris

Utilising the textural quality of scraps of timber Richard Morris combines the rustic element of wood to deliver perfect sweeping landscapes. Tortured enamel paint completes the rolling hills and sheer edges. The commitment to technique and workmanship is demonstrated via the form and surface area of the compact works.

Aaron Bellette

Aaron Bellette




Intricate scribbles due to lengthy exposure sit atop fine imagery of the detritus of the lake.  Abstract messages and descriptions bewilder and mesmerise. This intriguing photography by Aaron Bellette makes captivating what would otherwise be disregarded.

Lake Edge is on exhibition at Art Systems Wickham until August 25th. ASW is located at 40 Annie St Wickham. Open Fri-Sun 12-4pm.

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