Land Bulk

Artist: Liam Power

On exhibit at The Lock Up until 21st April.

There’s a seductive combination of lumpy surface texture and dense dramatic colour in the paintings currently on exhibit at The Lock-Up.  Liam Power’s exhibition “Land Bulk” does not compromise and juxtapositions of dazzling hues eavesdrop on an artist confident with the manipulation of materials and composition.

Utilising the strong sense of shape Newcastle’s industry and working harbour displays, Power has successfully observed unique opportunities to make the ordinary deliver a commanding whack. The dominant properties of each canvas are great swathes of textured monotony broken only by striking colours emerging as simple shapes.

Homogenous masses of colour hug emerging forms developing clever conversations at that junction where negative space meets shape. A smart conundrum occurs due to simplicity of extraneous detail.

This is stunning art. Power continues to be a strong exhibitor on the Newcastle art scene. “Land Bulk” is on exhibit until 21st April at The Lock-Up Cultural Centre 90 Hunter St Newcastle.

Land Bulk Study 3

Land Bulk Study 3

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