Mal Cannon

MCannon1Artist: Mal Cannon
At Nanshe Gallery until 24th August.
5 extra paintings at III Bean Cafe 12th August- 23rd September.

A series of upbeat paintings alive with vibrancy and fun highlight the quest for spontaneity in art making. Mal Cannon explores freedom and motion in glorious distortions with whimsical line.MCannon

Spirited and lively, this rousing of creative tension hits the spot with organic shapes winding playfully across the canvas. Dynamic colour pulsates with satisfying friction and a playful suggestion of landscape boundaries occurs.

Wistful mark making completes the portrayal of scene with line delicate and unrestricted meandering atop playful paint. Shrinking into the realm of these images coddles the imaginative fantasy of childhood igniting a sense of enormity.

These enigmatic compositions are on exhibit at Nanshe Gallery until 24th August also spilling over to III Bean Café in September.

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