Artists: Ahn Wells, Robyn Nunan, Carly Brett.

On at Newcastle Art Space until April 21st.

There’s a great exhibition happening til 21st April showcasing an eclectic range of art from three notable Novocastrian artists.

Ahn Wells

Ahn Wells

Ahn Wells drops a stellar array of works into the mix. Texture, mark making and line are essential for freedom to explore abstract concepts and intriguing surfaces result in these mixed media works. Quite fascinating is the build up of tension occurring within and between each piece of art. Good composition is not easy with abstract art but with Wells work the general feel is “you’ve nailed it”.

Robyn Nunan

Robyn Nunan



Tiny humans immersed in day to day activities unaware of their own insignificant existence in this gigantic world is the message received by Robyn Nunan’s surreal imagery.  There’s great appeal in these wall mounted assemblages. Life like trees and humans invade gestural landscapes that seem too beautiful for this intrusion. Pensive reflection and acknowledgment of our nonchalant attitude towards the extraordinary mystique of existence is dealt with brightly.

The spontaneity of Carly Brett’s mixed media drawings captivate with their description of happiness and warmth. The whimsical and capricious manner in which ink appears to guide the artists hand works perfectly to capture the essence of drawing. Splashes of colour appear boldly to accentuate loose drawing and detailed biro scribbles. Dogs’ staring placidly from the work as if they’re laconically uttering “What up dawg!”.

Carly Brett

Carly Brett

This is top stuff!

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