Rainforest Reflections

Exhibition: Rainforest Reflections

Artists: Heather Campbell, Anne Gazzard, Grant Keene, Joan Robinson, Denise Spalding, Anne Too.

At Back to Back Gallery until March 24th.

Rainforest is the inspiration for a serene exhibition at Back to Back Galleries until Sunday the 24th March.  Producing an extensive array of pottery and ceramic objects, the artists have proven a central theme stimulates harmony.

Collecting textures and symbolic elements, Flying Bird by Heather Campbell gathers meaning from the inclusion of strength. Bark provides placement and theme while implying suspension of time. Placed beside the sweet detail of hand crafted pieces this delicate juxtaposition of life and time suspends freely and naturally.

Grant Keene

Grant Keene

Alluding to the sublime, Grant Keene captures enduring beauty with sophisticated ease in his series of vases. Referencing the rainforest, willowy sculptures sit with elegance and organic structure.

Anne Too’s slabs are curiosities developing a biological sense of the structural intricacies of nature. Anne Gazzard gracefully incorporates images onto porcelain bowls. Joan Robinson’s enlarged insects excite a playful quality. Elusive botanic names are made informal with Denise Spalding’s earthenware.

Rainforest Reflection

Rainforest Reflection

Merging the talent of these artists is a successful collaboration. Installed as a central motif, cascading coils of ceramic leaves tinkle blissfully while shadows and light dance in a bewildering and mesmerising display. The sensory installation, stimulating nostalgic sentiments, delves into the innocent wonder of childhood memory and imagination. Stunning and important!!!

Six local potters transform the gallery. A peaceful, meditative space results.

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