Rhythms and Consequences

Artists: Gavin Vitullo and Miguel Gonzalez.

At Curve Gallery until 9th November.

Newcastle artist Gavin Vitullo has generated a visually impressive body of work, yet again emphasising the strength of the students graduating from Newcastle Tafe Art School. Initially building on the surrealist concept of automatism where art is developed deprived of conscious control, Vitullo utilises rhythm and pulse to stimulate the subconscious.

Artist: Gavin Vitello Medium: Woodblock print.

Artist: Gavin Vitello
Medium: Woodblock print.

Swerving line and bold organic shape dominate the picture plane kindling creative momentum. And from this a diaspora of ideas spawn works of art in his chosen fields of sculpture and printmaking. Carved woodblocks are mounted and hung displaying the spontaneity and cadence in the original drawings. Prints are pressed from these blocks and the imagery presented from this process is striking in its fluidity and movement. An embossed print is notable for the peacefulness it exudes.

The sculptures present in the gallery further build on the concept creating tactile and textural responses. A musical stave encourages the audience to hold the brass notes and experience a comfortable weightiness surprisingly relaxing and serene.

Artist: Miguel Gonzalez Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Artist: Miguel Gonzalez
Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Exhibiting along with Vitullo is a Venezuelan artist at present based in Sydney, Miguel Gonzalez. A technical background, notably architecture, is apparent in his mixed media responses to unrest and turmoil in his native country. Imagery and symbol develops the concept of relocation and hence the surfacing of a fresh response to deal with different cultural beliefs and standards within the adopted land. An extension of this work is a book providing pertinent content.

Rhythms and Consequences can be viewed at Curve Gallery 37 Watt St Newcastle until 9th November. Opening hours are Thurs- Sat 1-7pm.

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