small: the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.

Artists: Large group show displaying work from local, interstate and international artists.

At Back to Back Gallery from Saturday March 30th until Sunday April 14th.

Art can exude charm, grace and dynamism without monumental proportions. A delicate intimacy may traverse the void that sometimes hinders the ability of art to communicate to the viewer. An exhibition of works, no larger than 15cm in any direction, realises all the beauty of the small at Back to Back Gallery until April 14th.

Diane Dirou

Diane Dirou

Titled “small: the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees”, this group exhibition brings together a collection of over 120 works from some 75 artists. Exceptional skill and quality is executed when the literal is taken from the theme. But perhaps even more fascinating are the pieces accenting the perceptive nature of the artist, allowing a glimpse of that artist’s interpretation of the theme.

Wrapping fabric about pine needles to create a miniature splendid park is Giselle Penn. The wonder of Rieteka Geursen’s torn paper drawings, capturing the innocent sleeping infant, are revealing in their emotive depth and clarity. Employing his jaunty style to great effect is John Wilks who paints luxurious broad stroked backdrops against alert sculptured birds. Dianne Dirou’s opulent fabric and thread gardens are elegantly detailed and display rich colour and texture. Eric Werkhoven’s bright imaginative paintings are comic and fun.

The array of fine talent and curious art is endless. This exhibition demonstrates art in all its exquisite glory need not be on large scale.Small 087 (3)

Back to Back Gallery is located at 57 Bull St Cooks Hill. Opening hours are Fri-Sun 11-5.

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