Artist: Leslie Duffin

Exhibition: Snippets

Gallery: Newcastle Art Space

Dates: 31st January- 17th February 2013

There is nothing more overwhelming then hosting a first solo exhibition. Whether the work is ready to be seen by others and if it will be perceived the way the artist wishes it to be is just the beginning of the concerns. But for Leslie Duffin, a recent graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Fine Art, the apprehension is superfluous.

Her work captures the enigma of Newcastle with intimate fragments of the geometric urban environment. These snapshots entice the viewer to make whole the familiar. Local architecture and sites are recognised through an intuitive response and the artist’s ability to give liberty to the eye of the viewer.

With gentle shading and blending the structure of the work has a clear authentic quality. A velvet reality is developed with a muted palette of pale blues and ochres and enhanced by touches of warm yellow. The dreamy atmosphere as a result, puffs with a palpable milky aura.

The freedom to visualise breathes tranquillity producing a calm harmonious suite of oil paintings. Snippets can be seen at Newcastle Art Space, 246 Parry Street  Newcastle West until 17th February .

Leslie Duffin

Sign of the times

Oil on masonite


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