Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Artist: TAFE and university students annual group show

Back to Back Gallery 25th Jan – 10th Feb


Title: Car Stalks

Artist: Sarah Adams

Medium: White paper clay



Stepping out into the community after studying ceramics either at TAFE or university is the motivation behind the current exhibition at Back to Back Gallery until February 10th. The diversity of this annual group show highlights the strengths of each institution. While university encourages students to take an idea from life, the environment or everyday existence and create an intellectual response utilising ceramics, TAFE is about acquiring and perfecting the techniques and skills. The two institutions go hand in hand.

Resulting is an exhibition uniquely demonstrating the strengths of these inspiring individuals.

Stunning autonomic vessels, created by Anthea Rogerson, mushroom in groupings. The small clusters of organic porcelain and stoneware musings are capable of existing independently but the delicate form of each seems robust in multiples. Lindsay Laird demonstrates the utility of imagining with his art. A meandering structure unique and oceanic plays with dimension and form. And Sarah Adams has created Car Stalks challenging the notion of fuel for the first world while the third world suffers.

Without TAFE the mastery of technical training in this art form would be tested. Without university a unique insight into individual thought would suffer.  It’s difficult to imagine one institution existing without the other. This exhibition is a compliment to the existence of each.stepping out 011 (3)

Artist: Lyndsay Laird

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