The Rabbit Show!

Exhibition: The Rabbit Show!

Artists: TAFE 1st and 2nd year Group Show. Also includes some of the teachers of the school.

At the Upstairs Gallery, Newcastle Art School until April 5th.

Upstairs Gallery

Upstairs Gallery

The funding has gorn but ya can’t take away Newcastle Art School’s spirit.

The first exhibition of the year at the Upstairs Gallery is evidence that it’s lost none of its verve. The Rabbit Show! is funk, grit and groove all bundled up in a furry awesome show. It pretty much has one major cool piece after another.

Jonathon Gilbert’s The Badass Rabbit is a solitary assassinator.  It gasps and huffs its presence, belting out a bad boy brand of art. Which kind of tweaks of Scott Stojanowski’s Blind. It’s creepy but humble and cutesy too.

Mean rabbit, foul rabbit, little ball of nasty rabbit!!! What is happening here? The Sinister Bunny series from artist Ashlee Bucholtz haunt and menace.  A stimulating concoction of effects breaks boundaries, hits heights, stomps beautifully.

And who put Peter Rabbit in a pie? Patricia Williamz did. Her delicious antidotes are threatening and ominous. Poking through pastry is a small hairy mammal, a cute little rabbit. Who could eat rabbit pie again?

Melody Greatorex

Melody Greatorex

But there are plenty of big old sugar cookies to dunk in sweet tea too. Melody Greatorex prints bunnies in action. Lindsay Croker draws fine detail with syrupy highlights. Little Grey Rabbit from Kathryn Taunton illustrates domestic bliss.

Oh me oh my! This squelchy brand of art belts out rhythm and buzz.

All I need say is “Rabbits”.

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