The Art of Being

Artists: John Cliff, Liz Crane, Gwynne Jones, Kelli Mewett, Kim McLeod-Simm, Garry Simm, Suzanne Reid, Sue Stewart, Helen Stronach, Julie-Anne Ure.

At Back to Back Gallery until 16th June.

A compilation of artists are exhibiting until 16th June at Back to Back Gallery. This intriguing play of diverse pieces scores triumphal and sweet with rich pickings galore.

Liz Crane.

Liz Crane.

A feminine vibe pervades with plates adorned with delicate imagery and motif. Paintings perfect in their execution rejoice in the intimate moments. Collages explore the complexities of design and pattern. Ceramic women poised in sensual reveries are exquisitely detailed. Languid beauties idle away time on canvases imbibed with opulent colour.   

Gwynneth Jones

Gwynneth Jones






There is a seemingly endless array of quality art in this exhibition highlighting emotive resonance and subtlety.

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