The Garden Party

Artist: Bridie Watt

On exhibit at Nanshe Gallery until September 28th.

The central tenet of a new exhibition at Nanshe Gallery in time to usher in spring is a floral cavalcade set with ornate birds from artist Bridie Watt. Possessing the desirable quality of representative images coupled with a superb painting technique secures admiration from a wide audience.

The Dandy Two Acrylic on canvas

The Dandy Two
Acrylic on canvas

Highly decorative yet absorbing in detail the mystical impulse resplendent in playful overture occurs synonymously with fascinating materiality. A tangible ritual of emphasised colour alert in its intense lucidity is responsible for energy existing between the elements of the richly charged compositions.

Loose line meandering and defining the final stage of these buoyant paintings generates a complex web of pleasurable movement. Intense colour is restrained with nuanced tone building unique clarification within the network of shape.  As a consequence the works emerge as a successful combination of both artistic merit and universal appeal.

Little Blue Acrylic on canvas

Little Blue
Acrylic on canvas

Watt is a regular exhibitor in the area and is known for her joyful paintings of birds. The Garden Party at Nanshe Gallery runs until September 28th. A delightful depiction of the current season!

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