Paola Talbert

Paola Talbert

Artists: Paola Talbert and Johanna Trainor.

At The Lock-Up until May 12th.

A clever exhibition at The Lock-Up is in its final days. Topography by Paola Talbert and Johanna Trainor shouldn’t be missed. Both artists display a unique vision enhanced superbly by their skill and expertise.

Mimicking the line and curve of buoyancy and weightlessness, Talbert infuses her images with an enigmatic significance. Objects discarded and on an unknown trajectory are made poignant by placement.  To distinguish these redundant pieces is superfluous. With a society burdened with a waste epidemic the concept of beauty is called into question.

The crisis of Australia’s manufacturing industry is a dilemma broached by Trainor. Eloquently raised, these glimpses into a pretty close to non-existent industry, deliver food for thought. Wear and erosion of body and industry hint at memory and past. This symbolic allusion to glory days of trade and production entices. Resting silently in the present are the once bustling warehouses where a painterly approach examines their relevance to the current economic climate where education seems to focus primarily on ideas.

Johanna Trainor.

Johanna Trainor.

This is a potent exhibition finishing on the 12th May. It delivers strong discourse and content.

2 thoughts on “Topography

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  2. Paola Talbert

    Thanks Kerrie, I really enjoyed your observations and ideas about my work -this particular work is a new area for me.



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