Tracey Smith

Artist: Tracey Smith

Exhibiting at Truevision Gallery until the end of April.

Finches at Knorrit Flat

Finches at Knorrit Flat

Charming interpretations of Australian landscapes encrusted with warm dialogue are revealed at an ambient gallery in Redhead at present. Tracey Smith, who has a background in graphic design, shows a substantial and strong collection of large acrylic and mixed media works.

Deep hues applied in large splodges and wide arcs are ensconced in a multitude of layers only to be partially exposed as the art making process evolves. Paint applied in this physical nature exhibits a delightful arbitrariness, a happy gathering of random and expressive marks.

Blue Pearl Bay

Blue Pearl Bay

Balanced against an abstracted view of rustic scenery are satisfying ethereal qualities. Fresh, clean surfaces in Blue Pearl Bay and Untitled expose opalescent traits in both colour and depth.  In unique contrast is Finches at Knorrit Flat. Delicate characters are exposed creating intrigue. Juxtaposed against an aged patina, this delightful art work suggests the weathered environment exists through renewal.

Graceful moments are appreciated in this captivating exhibition. Communication between the artist and materials is apparent. The final effect is a high quality body of work depicting Australia’s environment both emotionally and intuitively.

The exhibition runs until the end of April at Truevision Studio Gallery Redhead.

Strathmore Warrel

Strathmore Warrel

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