Artist: TravJamJar

At Forsight Gallery

Mar 2-17


Art on overdrive indeed! There’s a tangible sense of metamorphic brilliance happening at Forsight Gallery and no kidding, it’s got cred.  Travjamjar belts out hypnotic musings with apparent ease using little more than acrylic paint and felt tip pen. A powerful imagination is made real, with attention to detail aided by his background in graphic design.travjamjar






Testosterone spews forth packing plenty of surreal imagery that whiffs of the grotesque and macabre. Ghoulish transmutants ogle with plaintive abandon as they evolve unpredictably from the artist’s ingenious hand. Wonderfully maniacal, the acrylic paintings heave with depth and drama. The zealous profusion of mutinous characters is produced with crisp line, supreme precision and chilling design.

Felt tip pen ushers in defiant lingo expressing absurd cadaverous narratives with hints of the etchings of Francisco Goya (1746-1828). The mournful thrust of a condemned society is an unconscious target traversing centuries.  travjamjar2

There’s a strong “heavy metal” edge to this rebellious art. It shreds with glorious mortality, shadowing impeccable astonishing rants whose quip lingers idly. An aggressive experience of the senses.

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