Full Circle

Four Point Gallery is 1 and to celebrate they’re Renew Newcastle project an exhibition titled Full Circle brings together many local emerging artists. There’s a big mix of technique and media happening and of course some stand outs.

Kelly Barlin’s two silkscreen on glass images titled “The fall won’t hurt” take photography and add a ghostly feel questioning the phenomenon of the present moment.

Artist: Lily Ward

Artist: Lily Ward

A wood carving by Lily Ward titled “Memorial for Women” encourages the imagination to delve into dark places. Men of authority surround the operating table on which a naked woman lies. While a bishop prays another glances at his watch as if bored perhaps imitating the impatience of a contemporary society. Also intriguing are the three men in gas masks loitering. Is this insinuating a poison is present?

Also worth noting are Kelsey Fletcher’s oil on canvas and a strange wall mounted sculpture by Elissa Jane looking like faecal matter sporting wiring and a logo. The mind boggles! It’s a great showcase and worthy of numbers coming through the doors. So where are they…

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