Different Landmarks

Artist: Clare O’Hara Cooper

On exhibit at Truevision Gallery until 28th March

The first exhibition of the year at Truevision Gallery is abundant with sentiment. Large oil paintings depicting the Hunter Valley with both clarity and light adorn the walls.

Clare O’Hara Cooper has an affinity with the valley having grown up there and while she has respect for the economy of the Hunter it still rankles to observe the changing landscape.

Title: Mine Series 10 Medium: Oil on canvas.

Title: Mine Series 10
Medium: Oil on canvas.

Luscious oils, both thick and copious, describe the land sitting with strength below dispersed skies. The use of a blunt object to work back into the thick application adds texture and line helping to develop the drawn image.

Title: Mine Series 5  Medium: Oil on canvas

Title: Mine Series 5
Medium: Oil on canvas










In much of the work machinery dominates landscape in an unforgiving dialogue creating tension and unease. This echoes with the hollow haunt that landscape will prevail, but at what cost. And overall a sense of human irrelevance and frailty exists.

This is the first solo exhibition for this artist showcasing a talent for content and technique. The storytelling of a region blundering under the illusion of progress is pertinent.

“Different Landmarks” is on exhibit until 28th March and Truevision Gallery is located at 111 Cowlishaw St Redhead. The gallery is open Wed-Fri 10am -2pm.

3 thoughts on “Different Landmarks

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  2. Tim Ayres

    Saw this exhibit a few weeks ago. A real treat for people who love the Hunter, who work around the mining industry and the landscape. Do yourself a favour and go see it!



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